Think before you click.

The website that you are trying to access is currently categorised as Unclassified. Websites in this category include translation services and streaming media sites that may pose a security risk or consume significant network resources. Please read the guidance below before proceeding to ensure your use of these sites is appropriate.

Public translation services should not be used to translate BP information other than Public. It is acceptable to use these services for your own personal translations and to translate external non-BP websites or other information that does not need to be protected. Only click through if this is the case.

BP’s Quick Guide details approved translation methods and when to use them. Approved services include Translate in Microsoft Office products or the TransPerfect service. Find out more information and access the Quick Guide.

BP IT systems are primarily provided for business purposes but you may use them for reasonable personal use. They must be used in accordance with the BP Code of Conduct and Protecting Our Information Policy. Misuse of BP IT systems, including the use of public translation services to translate BP information other than Public or the excessive use of streaming websites, could put BP at risk and may result in disciplinary action.

If you think that this site is incorrectly categorised, you may request for it to be reviewed as follows:

Global Users (other than IST)

  1. Click here (login if necessary)
  2. Click Begin
  3. Log into Request IT
  4. Fill in the form and submit

IST Users
Please telephone your service desk directly.

Chicago Service Desk +1 312 594 7755
Houston Service Desk +1 713 323 7755
London Service Desk +44 20 7948 7755
Singapore Service Desk +65 6429 7755

Digital Security

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